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Our journey starts with a phone call! After this you can choose from the following:


SESSION PROGRAM (1 hour a week):

If you have already established what your biggest hurdles are and have done some work on your own toward your overall health and just need an additional push to get you there, this would be a good choice. 

-It is also available for those who are still unsure and want to investigate the origin of their symptoms and bothersome health conditions. I will investigate with you, try to find the cause and hopefully uncover ways to avoid invasive medical procedures or medications. This is done in tandem with advice from your medical practitioner.

12 SESSION PROGRAM (1 hour a week):

Whole body wellness can only be achieved successfully by committing to a long term adjustment in lifestyle habits, diet and stress management. Your best chance at success would be the 12 session program.  A way to approach this is to see that it is similar to signing up at a gym to get in physical shape and hiring a trainer. You can look at me as your inside and outside “trainer". As with a trainer in a gym, accountability is a large bonus with this program.

The sessions can be in person or by phone. One session from each package will include a visit to the health food store introducing substitutes and alternatives especially as it relates to the anti-inflammation lifestyle. One session will include a cooking demonstration on anti-inflammation food prep for a busy life.


Each session can include the 12 aspects of whole body wellness:

1- Nutrition and home cooking

2- Health concerns and understanding symptoms

3- Improving or maintaining physical activity

4- How to find Joy

5- Improving your social life

6- Improving relationships (teenage / parent, interpersonal)

7- Improving home environment

8- Strengthening your personal spirituality

9- Improving creativity

10- Addressing financial concerns

11- Improving career fulfillment

12- How to incorporate education on all levels of your life

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